I created the work on this page during my current tenure as Senior Animator at, an explanation video company.

These videos took an average of one week of my animation time for every minute of final footage.

My most recent animations are primarily internal human resource videos for a wide range of corporate clients. Unfortunately, most are subject to non-disclosure agreements, and as such can not be posted here. Below is a recent selection of my work that is publicly available.


NetMotion Wireless Holiday

I wrote, directed and animated this video for NetMotion Wireless, a mobility service provider headquartered in Seattle. They used this animation as an emailed Holiday card for their clients. This is part of an ongoing series of videos I have animated for NetMotion, which has become a key part of their advertising outreach.


This video uses a car commercial metaphor to explain the benefits of a compliance audit service. I designed and animated this video, using a combination of animation and motion graphics techniques.


This video explains a background check service offered by our client. In addition to animating this video, I developed the storyboard and style, using stock footage and motion graphics.

NetMotion Japan Lecture

This video was one element of a live lecture that our client presented in Japan. I had previously animated the three main vignettes, but our client requested that I incorporate the text of this portion of his lecture into a single video. Our client provided the little blue mascot, which I animated.

Region of Peel

This video was prepared for The Region of Peel, the area surrounding Toronto, Canada. We were commissioned to explain the concept of energy from waste (EFW). This video, which I designed and animated, explains the actual process.

Ticket Biscuit

I designed and animated this video for Ticket Biscuit, a service for high school athletic programs to streamline their ticketing procedure. I used After Effects' "2.5D" methods for the introductory sequence.

Ansarada Gridlock

This was the second animation I've done with Splainers. It was my first project using Cinema 4D, which I found to be close enough to Maya that I could pick it up relatively quickly. Given the script, I decided that the video needed to be 3D. This posed a bit of a challenge to mimic the flat style of the previous animation I had done for this same client. I learned how to tweak the Cinema materials and rendering style to achieve a similar feel.

Ansarada Sports

This was the first animation I completed for, done while I was a student intern. As a departure from the Splainers typical style, which relies on camera animations and panning across still figures, I rigged the characters with articulated limbs to provide the movement required by the script.

I began the project by creating the character parts in Adobe Illustrator and importing those into Adobe After Effects. But I soon encountered limitations with this method. The client had strict style guidelines, which included the line widths and roundness of the objects. However, line weights of imported Illustrator files could not be changed in After Effects. I redrew everything within After Effects, which offered me much more flexibility. It allowed object outlines to change and stretch in ways that would not be possible with an imported file. Also, as objects got scaled up or down, their line weight could be key framed to remain consistent.