As an architect for many years, I worked in a variety of firms, working on hospitals in London, churches and schools in Chicago, and military bases and suburban housing developments in and around Seattle. The second half of my career was spent designing high-end homes in the Seattle area. Here are some of my more recent efforts. (click on an image to open a slide carousel)

Bay House

This tight site, nestled between a rugged waterfront and a rocky hillside, posed its share of challenges for my design of this house. Setbacks, septic requirements, and a geothermal heat system limited the siting options. The steep grade of the land presented structural complications, but also an opportunity to bring the distinct character of this coastline into the everyday life of the house.

The client is a concrete contractor who wanted a showcase for his business and his craft. The concrete structure is expressed throughout the house, contrasting with the panoramic windows and the cedar siding.

The steepness of the approach dictated that the main entrance be on the second floor. The stairway establishes a clear delineation between public and private realms. The grand concrete run, echoes the tumbling rocks outside and guides houseguests down to the main living spaces at the waterfront level. By contrast, a gauzy, translucent steel stair leads up to the family realm above.

River House

This vacation home in Eastern Washington celebrates its outdoor spaces. A guest cottage above the garage and a generous outdoor shelter create an active backdrop for the pool and yard which lead out to the river.

Mountain Cabin

This is our family’s cabin, still under construction. Our contractor built the exterior and most of the interior framing. I framed the stair and built out the interior finishes and the deck and railings. It was a very fulfilling experience to work on the construction side. I learned a lot over the course of many long weekends.

Lake House

This houseboat, one of the last allowed in the city of Seattle, was a study in privacy, efficiency, and restraint. Working with the client, who designed the interiors, we designed the exterior with clean lines and minimal articulation.